Factors That Affect and Damage Your Hairs and Cause Hair Loss

Skin, hair, and nails are the parts of our body which are being affected by the external conditions and circumstances in all ways. In case if we don’t care for them, our hairs, skin, and nails may look torn, damages and weak.

There are many ways to take care of our hairs but in order to make it sure that you will be able to take good care of them, it is better to understand which if the factors are affecting your hairs the most.

There could be the following types of influences and factors affecting the health and growth of your hairs which are:

The severe environmental and climatic conditions

The severe environmental and climatic conditions affect the hairs in many ways. The windy weather may bring in more dust in open hairs and when you spend most of your time outdoors. This may cause blockage of pores and dust accumulation in hair roots.

Extreme cold may also make hairs look rigid and sometimes they have more electrostatic charge in them which may lead to brittle and messy hairs.

In summers, humid air, and extreme sunlight there are issues like frizz, the sweat emerging from the follicles making them even more greasy and problematic.

This also causes more hair loss and more damages to the hair follicles that may give rise to even more problematic hair problems.

Extreme weather and temperature conditions make it difficult to maintain good hair health and may also make hairs look weaker and more damaged from roots to tips.


Wrong hair care routine

Sometimes we are taking care of hairs in the wrong ways because we are not sure which things are important and which are lesser than important. For example, shampooing the hair every day without conditioning and extra care may lead to even more hair damage no matter how good the shampoo is.

It is always better to give 1-2 day gap when you shampoo your hairs with the best possible shampoo available. Because of the fact, frequent shampooing of hairs makes them weaker and more vulnerable to damages.

Wrong product selection

Selecting the products that are not made up of quality materials and components may also cause loss of hair and may cause significant damages to the texture and length of the hair you have already.

Making use of chemical, the non-proven formula for your hairs may lead to a lot of other hair and skin issues that may disturb your overall hair texture badly.

Frequent, wrong hair treatment

Frequent hair dye with lower quality hair color, frequent blow dry, using various hair treatment chemicals and all such things also lead to hair loss and damages and are among the many damaging factors that effect.

Taking the wrong diet

The diet and internal bodily health also play an important role in determining hair health as well. Eating lots and lots of fast food, oily products, and bakery products may lead to significant hair damage and loss.